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Topic Ideas #9

  • Santorum is no longer in the race
  • Long distance quantum link discovered — allows for uncrackable messages to be sent and received
  • Possibility of alien dinosaur life
  • Guns make the men holding them appear bigger — hmm, interesting
  • Introduction to the London Olympics 
  • eBooks vs real books
  • Review of Apple apps — Instagram, Words with friends, Temple Run, etc *don’t be colloquial
  • The possible implications of iCloud — Apple will possess data on every single Apple user in the world and can easily manipulate the data, although it currently says it won’t, slippery slope?
  • New Jersey brush fire (Bergen County)
  • Spring break traveling/college visits/college reviews
  • Review of NYC museums (many possibilities: special exhibits, MOMA, Met, lesser known museums, upcoming events, etc)
  • Review of NYC restaurants *no chain restaurants
  • Spring fashion trends/review of fall 2012 ready-to-wear shows
  • Moons near Saturn and Jupiter might have Oxygen
  • Obama documentary on his first term 
  • Movie/book reviews *no hunger games!
  • High school events in April or May — competitions, dinners, club events, etc
  • General thoughts about high school — regrets, stories, unforgettable moments
  • Summer plans — Gov school, programs, volunteer activities, travels, etc.
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