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Topic Ideas #4

  • juniors — thoughts on summer camp applications
  • Romney wins by 8 votes in Iowa 
  • upcoming New Hampshire primary
  • Pat Robertson claims God told him who the next president will be
  • compare and contrast top Rep candidates or analyze a single candidate in detail
  • a new study suggests that memory, reasoning and comprehension can start to slip as early as age 45.
  • Stephen Hawking to turn 70, defying Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Michele Bachmann is out of the race
  • A team of physicists at Cornell University has created a wrinkle in time.
  • painkiller Zohydro may be 10 times stronger than Vicodin
  • secrecy around Kim Jong Un, what we know and what we still want to know
  • Obama appoints Richard Cordray as director of a new consumer protection agency
  • any school/club events 
  • academic competitions — SciOly, FBLA, FCCLA, etc.
  • sports games/meets/tryouts

Previous Unchosen Topics

  • new organ donation guidelines — donors may be labeled as ‘high risk’ if they have had two or more sexual partners in the past year. is this fair?
  • new strain of swine flu
  • vaccine developed against Ebola
  • many Kepler planets may be similar to Earth :O
  • thoughts on winter sports — swimming, winter track, ice hockey, basketball, etc
  • the Walmart MoneyCard
  • Belgium has a government again
  • new budget for Greece has been approved — causes protests
  • smog delays air travel in China — will the growing pollution halt China’s economic growth?
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